The art world has been good to me. Music, literature, art, painting and computer games – it’s been a welcome escape from the rigors of life. Ever notice how after finishing a good book you can daydream yourself into the story, going on more adventures with the characters? After all, the real world will never be as exciting and wonderful as the worlds you make up in your mind.

Influences on my writing include John Steakley (Armor), Jack Vance (Tales of the Dying Earth), Margaret Weis (Dragon Lance) and Roger Zelazny (Chronicles of Amber). Influences on my art include Frank Frazetta, Larry Elmore, Kieth Parkinson and Michael Whelan, all masters of their craft.

I have written or co-written the following novels:

  • Sea of Dekatos
  • Penturian
  • War Machines of von Sarrik
  • Great Fighter Jets of the Galaxy 1 (100 full color pictures)
  • Iliad 3026 (upcoming)
  • Slaves to the Reptiles (upcoming)
  • Star Pilot (upcoming)
  • numerous short stories

The best part of most fantasy novels is the beginning, where you can almost see the author’s hand putting his chess pieces in place as he sets up the heroes and villains. I make my entire novels like that – the environment in a fantasy novel is just as much a character as the characters themselves. It’s world-building at its finest.