I am a software engineer and a writer of fantasy and science fiction novels.  My brother and I run a publishing company called King Tiger Books. We specialize in novels rich in world-building. In a good fantasy novel the environment is just as much a character as the characters themselves.

Influences on my writing include Margaret Weis, Jack Vance, Tolkien and Brandon Sanderson. As the years ticked by I found that most fantasy books followed the same formula and contained the same races – elves, dwarves and halflings. Tim and I wanted to do something better so we wrote Sea of Dekatos, a book where the setting is the most important part. Hit me up if you wish to buy an autographed copy.

King Tiger Books is dedicated to fantasy and science fiction books where the setting, environment and background take center stage.  It’s world-building at its finest.

From King Tiger Books:

  • Sea of Dekatos
  • Penturian
  • Great Fighter Jets of the Galaxy 1 (100 full color pictures)
  • Illiad 3026 (upcoming)
  • Star Pilot (upcoming)
  • Slave to the Reptiles (upcoming)
  • plus many short stories you can read for free.

My brother and I create a lot of science fiction and fantasy art. He is active on Deviant Art under the moniker Neptune83.  I am active on Wattpad.

Check out our website www.kingtigerbooks.com for short stories, art and novels.